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Capital Allowances: Structures and Buildings Allowance

Tax Question

I have heard a new capital allowance has been introduced in connection with buildings. Could you provide some more information please?

Tax Answer

That is correct, a new allowance, Structure and Buildings Allowance (SBA) was introduced from 29 October 2018. This is designed to encourage investment in construction of new structures and buildings intended for commercial use.

It will allow relief on the relevant costs over 50 years at a flat rate of 2% of the qualifying costs and will be regardless of ownership. It will become increasingly important to retain records and will be another point to consider in the future on the purchase of buildings.

As well as being available for new buildings and structures, the relief will be available for costs on new conversions and renovations.

It is available in respect of expenditure under contracts where all of the contracts were entered into on or after 29 October 2018.

A claim will not be able to be made until the asset is actually brought into use for the qualifying activity.

Amongst other activities, a qualifying activity will be a trade, profession, vocation, UK or overseas property business or certain other undertakings qualified by Statute. Residential property and other structures that function as dwellings are specifically excluded from relief

As ever, the new Law is subject to other conditions and also anti avoidance rules. It is recommended that further advice is sought should you believe you may be in a position to claim or are considering incurring expenditure.

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