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Our Tax Fee Protection Insurance claims services include an online claims PortalThis enables you to make, manage and view your claims at the touch of a button.

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Insurance Claims Assistance

In addition your dedicated claims handler will be on hand to assist you with expert advice and guidance as often or as little as required.  Whilst our online portal allows quick and efficient administration of claims, we will still pick up the telephone.   We can talk you through the claims process and how the Policy will react and you can of course phone us if you need an immediate response.

All of our claims handlers have the necessary tax knowledge and the broadest claims handling authority, so you can rest assured that you are talking to someone who understands and can make a decision

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Claims Portal

If you would prefer you can deal with claims outside of our claims portal

We fully appreciate that managing claims online is not for everyone, if you would prefer to deal with claims outside of our online claims portal you of course can.

All our claims handlers undertake to:

  • Apply the Policy terms and conditions in a manner that they would regard as fair if they were in your position or your client’s position.
  • Apply the Policy terms in a consistent manner.
  • Deal with claims within the prescribed turn-arounds.
  • Explain fully to you how we have arrived at our decisions.

We provide immediate pre-authorisation up to £1,000 over the telephone for any urgent cases and make payments electronically within 7 days.

If you have further questions please take a look at Vantage Fee Protect fee protection insurance claims questions.

Vantage Fee Protect Customer Testimonials

We have been very impressed with Vantage’s claims handling, not only do we use a simpler online claims portal compared to our previous provider, but the claims team pick up the phone and chat through any issues instead of sending impersonal emails to get to the nub of the point. Payments are smooth and seamless as we can always bill Vantage on an interim basis.
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