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What is the cost of Vantage Tax Fee Protection Insurance?

We take a flexible approach to Vantage Tax Fee Protection Insurance pricing, which is tailored to meet the needs of your practice. Our experienced managers, owners and underwriting team deliver bespoke pricing solutions, not “one size fits all”.

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Vantage Fee Protect Customer Testimonials

We are entering the third year of our relationship with Vantage as our fee protection scheme provider.  We continue to be pleased with the level of service provided.  In particular, it has been a huge benefit to us having Vantage deal with the fee protection scheme mailings for our clients.  We receive regular visits from our account manager, and regular updates on developments within the business.  The staff handle claims well and are easily contactable to deal with any queries we have.  We are definitely pleased to have made the move to Vantage when we did.
Scott Moncrieff

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