How do I get a repayment from HMRC after submitting a VAT return reclaim?


So, you have submitted a VAT return, it’s a repayment and you are awaiting a refund.  The quickest way to get your repayment is by BACS transfer straight into your bank account.

You will need to let HMRC know your bank details and even if you already make VAT payments to HMRC via the Direct Debit facility, you will still be required to set up your bank account details for receiving repayments by BACS transfer. This can be done using the HMRC online service or you can give HMRC your bank account details by completing form VAT484. The bank account name must be in the same name as the registered person or company.

Do allow 14 days to get your records updated and if you don’t give this notice your repayment could be delayed.

If you do not provide bank details HMRC will issue a cheque made out to the registered person or company.

To summarise if you are NOT completing the HMRC online service , the forms you may require are:

Making VAT payments TO HMRC by Direct Debit – VATC9

Receiving VAT repayments FROM HMRC by BACS – VAT484

These forms will need to be signed by an appropriate person and you will be asked to provide the VAT registration number and the relevant accounting period end date too.